What Sjana Elise wants you to know about farting in yoga class is too real

Flow fluff? You’re only human. 

Photo: Instagram@sjanaelise

She’s the super bendy sun chaser, hug giver and SWEAT trainer, you’ve seen all over Instagram.

Newcastle girl Sjana Elise may have 1.3 million followers and a shiny brand new Body And Mind Yoga Program (BAM), but she is only human and has this advice for negotiating awkward body sounds that come with yoga bending, stretching and er, releasing.

“Like a little fluff here or there?” the 23-year-old laughs with myBody+Soul.

“Shake it off, it’s completely natural,” she says, channelling Taylor Swift.

“Being in a yoga studio that’s somewhere we embrace being who you truly are, and everything that happens to your body along with it. So if you do it, say “sorry guys”, let out a little “guilty” and laugh it off.”


It’s not the only advice gem Sjana, who bravely spoke out about her battle with depression on her social account, has.

Last month, the yoga instructor launched a new 12 week program in the SWEAT app (other trainers include Kayla Itsines and Kelsey Wells) with the aim of giving women a more holistic approach to health and fitness to practice anywhere, anytime.

Yoga becomes a way of life – at least it did for me. You don’t need a gym, equipment or even a mat. You can do it in your hotel room or the side of the street. It can be something really subtle. You can go and do something in a yogic way, with patience and compassion, or take five minutes to yourself to meditate,” explains Sjana, who says yoga makes her feel strong, capable, grounded and calm.

“I want women to gain confidence, and strength, mentally, physically and emotionally. Yoga does that to you without you even knowing, especially hip openers. You’ll be sitting in a hip opener and start crying and think ‘what is going on?’ but that’s fantastic,” she laughs.

Think a few chaturangas are the only thing standing between you and a flexi mind and body like Sjana’s?

Kind of. Changes will be both instantaneous and gradual, the avid traveller says.

“You’ll instantly feel calmer and more grounded. The physical changes can take more time and patience, like flexibility, strength, stamina and ability.”

Even Sjana has a pose that makes her grit her teeth and breathe through it.

“Everyone has poses they dislike. A really common one is also my one – frog pose (a deep groin opener). But it’s also really good to do the poses you find most uncomfortable because that’s where you find the most growth,” she says.

Make sense.

When she’s not backward bending and hand standing her way around the world, the blogger is back home in Newcastle teaching at her local studio. It’s here that she has the most fulfilling experiences.

“The biggest pat on the back is when you’re able to share an experience with someone, and they’re able to receive it in a way that benefits them. After teaching a class when someone says that was exactly what they needed, that’s the best. It pulls on my heart strings.” And ours.

SWEAT will cost you $19.99 a month, or $119.94 a year and can be downloaded via iTunes or Google Play. To stay in the loop about updates,check the website.

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