Our editors swear by these 8 healthy snacks

And no, there are zero celery sticks involved. 

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Regardless if you exercise and eat salad for lunch every day, snacking on the wrong types of food can wreak havoc on your weight.

Even worse, a new study showed that our innocent snacking habit is adding an extra 2240 calories a week to our diets. Yikes.

But if you can’t bear the thought of trading in your daily banana bread for an actual banana, don’t stress because you can swap it for one of these snacks that’ll not only tide you over until dinnertime, but are also packed with nutritious ingredients.

You’re welcome.

1. Best: probiotic ball

Health Lab Probiotic Ball, $1.99, chemistwarehouse.com.au

2. Best: protein yogurt

Danone YoPro Yoghurt, $2.25, woolworths.com.au

3. Best: chocolate protein bar

The Bar Counter Dark Chocolate & Almond, $2.85, coles.com.au

4. Best: nut nibbles

Macro Tamari Almonds, $13, woolworths.com.au

5. Best: rice crackers

Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes, $18 for a pack of 5, tableofplenty.com.au

6. Best: ‘by the spoon’

Mayvers Peanut Butter range, starting from $5, mayvers.com.au

7. Best: plant protein energy ball

Bounce Ball Plant Protein, $36 for a box of 12 balls, au.bouncefoods.com

8. Best: roasted chickpeas

The Happy Snack Company Roasted Chickpeas, prices start from $5.49, happysnackcompany.com.au

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This healthy satay Broccolini® by Jessica Sepel is our new favourite side.

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