Instagram yoga star fights back after body shaming

Yoga girl, Kerri Verna, encourages women to love their bodies

 Instagram yoga star fights back after body shaming


Lately, it’s almost impossible to go a day without reading or hearing in the media that someone (favourite celebrity or fitness influencer) has been body shamed. Why people feel they can take it upon themselves to make such statements about people’s appearances is beyond me. But what’s so great to see is how people respond – we’re such resilient creatures, aren’t we?

Yoga instructor, Kerri Verna, who has amassed more than 900K followers on her Instagram @beachyogagirl, has come back at her body shamers with an inspiring message, reminding us to never lose sight of the skin we’re in.

“Even though I’m totally happy with my body and completely self confident with my body image, I will say on that particular day I wasn’t feeling my best,” she writes on Instagram.

“I immediately deleted the photo and began to look closely at all my photos. Not that I thought I was ‘fat’ but I began to question wearing white and if it ‘made me look fat.'” 

While she admits she did, for a second, let a comment about wearing white get the better of her, she was quick to realise that she was stronger than that.

“After a good night sleep, I woke up the next day wondering WHY IN THE WORLD did I let some random internet “troll” bother me so much as to actually delete a photo!!”, she writes.

“Women OF ALL SIZES need to LOVE their bodies and wear white shorts if you want to! If you like it, wear it … NEVER let anyone’s opinion make you feel bad or shameful about your body.”

Consultant psychologist and hypnotherapist, Kellee Waters, recently told us that people place a huge amount of pressure on ourselves to take the right picture, at the right place, with the right outfit, with the right filter in order to create a digital identity that others will like and keep liking and following. And really, we should just be posting images for ourselves of who we really are.

It’s this encouragement about body confidence is what we love to see and is yet another reminder to always stay true to yourself – it’s a strange and funny world out there.

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